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 a landmark event; a turning point

At Watershed Design + Build, we apply a true design-build model to residential construction, moving projects seamlessly through the building process, from concept to completion.  It’s an innovative approach, driven by our focus on quality.

The Watershed team is composed of a small group of experienced project managers and skilled master craftsmen, led by a single individual who serves as both architect/designer and general contractor.  We are a cohesive organization, able to pool our collective talents and share a common vision.

We have chosen to focus our work within established Atlanta neighborhoods, such as Sherwood Forest, Morningside, Ansley Park, Buckhead, and Sandy Springs.  Our belief is that conscientious development within established Atlanta neighborhoods helps to shape a positive future for Atlanta and its residents, promoting and maintaining our exceptional quality of life.

Watershed Design+Build is an EarthCraft certified builder, utilizing the best in current building science, and is a member of the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association.


 a strategic approach to achieve a unique expectation

Each Watershed home is designed specifically for the client, specifically for their site.  Clients are active participants in the process.  We encourage your creativity, but provide you with guidance from our experienced staff to keep you on track, on time, and on budget!

With specific needs of the client in mind, we carefully analyze each building site as we begin to develop a plan.  Each new home is sited to maximize the benefits of the particular lot, maintaining appropriate set-backs and preserving natural landscaping whenever possible, and placed so that the overall scale and composition of the house will complement the existing neighborhood.

Design begins with consideration to the overall flow of the home.  Living spaces are determined based on individual client’s needs and lifestyles, and arranged to combine open areas for socialization and recreation with private areas for work and rest.  Windows and doorways are strategically placed to bring life to the home, capturing light and maximizing views.

Characteristic features in Watershed homes include:  gracious entrances, beautiful stairways, dramatic ceilings, the extensive use of built-in cabinetry, inviting outdoor living spaces, and tremendous attention to every detail.


 uniting materials into a composite whole

We at Watershed Design+Build have the utmost respect for the beautiful Atlanta neighborhoods where we are privileged to work, and for the neighbors we come to know during the construction of each building project.  We strive to be good neighbors ourselves, maintaining orderly job sites, appropriate work hours, and sensitivity to the effect of construction activity in the neighborhood.

Throughout construction, the designer maintains ultimate responsibility for the project, ensuring that the home will be manifested as conceived.  In addition, our project managers are present on site on a daily basis.  Not just supervisors, they are also skilled master craftsmen who bring their creativity and discriminating eye for detail to each one-of-a-kind home.  Building a home can at times seem overwhelming, but we have many years of individual and combined experience, and we’re with you every step of the way!

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